Streamlining Payments, Boosting Profitability: How Flexibl Empowers Yapla's Financial Operations

Transforming Non-Profit Finances: How Yapla leveraged Flexibl's payment intelligence platform to streamline operations and make data-driven decisions.




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Yapla, a leading payment and management software for non-profit organizations, was facing challenges reconciling data between their database and payment service providers, taking up six hours every month. To streamline operations and improve decision-making, they turned to Flexibl, a payment intelligence platform that automated the reconciliation process and provided a unified view of the data. This eliminated the need for manual entry and improved accessibility to information.

The client: a leading force in the non-profit sector

Trusted for nearly a decade by organizations across France and Quebec, Yapla has become a leading force in the non-profit sector. Their all-in-one payment software simplifies the management of online donations, memberships, and financial processes for NPOs. With a commitment to assisting nonprofits of all sizes, Yapla offers innovative digital tools that allow organizations to focus on creating positive change in the world.

The challenge: juggling growth and data accuracy

Yapla, a leading all-in-one payment and management software for Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs), was experiencing rapid growth. However, their success was hampered by a critical yet time-consuming task: payment reconciliation. Manually reconciling data between their database and their two Payment Service Providers (PSPs), Stripe and Lemonway, took a staggering six hours every month. This laborious process not only ate into valuable resources, but also created the potential for data discrepancies.

“We did manage somehow to have the numbers [...] It was doable, but a pain”, Laurent Rajca, COO.
"Reconciling between our database and the PSPs was a major issue," explains Laurent, Yapla’s COO (France) and CFO. "We're fortunate to have a CEO who is highly involved in development; otherwise, it would have taken even more time. Dealing with a large volume of data, ensuring accuracy for financial reporting was a constant challenge. At times, we had to delve into comparing data from previous years for proper reconciliation."

Even with a skilled team on board, this lack of clear visibility made it difficult for Yapla to proactively manage transactions and get a good overview of their margins and general financial health. Insights were limited, hindering strategic decision-making.

The solution: turning to Flexibl for streamlined operations and data-driven decisions

Flexibl, a unique and powerful payment intelligence platform, emerged as the answer to Yapla's challenges. By automating the reconciliation process and providing a unified view of the data between Yapla’s database and the payment services providers, Flexibl eliminated the need for manual data entry, extraction and confusing spreadsheets. Yapla's team was now free to focus on more strategic initiatives.

"With Flexibl," says Laurent, "everything is more clear. The information is more accessible and readily available in one place."

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How Flexibl transformed Yapla's financial operations

Automated Reconciliation: Flexibl eliminated the need for manual data extraction, saving Yapla six hours per month of data consolidation. This newfound efficiency allows the team to dedicate more time to growth initiatives.

Unified View of Data: Flexibl provides a unified view of data from both of Yapla’s Payment Service Providers, ensuring seamless reconciliation and eliminating data discrepancies. This fosters trust and transparency in financial reporting for both Yapla and its clients.

Actionable Insights: Flexibl unlocks valuable insights into Yapla's profitability. By providing a clear picture of margins across different business models and territories, Flexibl empowers data-driven decision-making.

Yapla operates with two distinct transaction models: tipped and non-tipped transactions. In the tipped model, users have the option to add a tip to their transactions instead of a fixed percentage fee. This dual approach had created challenges in identifying clear profit margins, as it results in two sets of transaction data. By offering insight into these varied models, Flexibl enabled Yapla to gain clarity, despite the complexity of its transaction structures.

Transformative results driven by data

Increased Efficiency: Freed from manual reconciliation tasks, Yapla can now focus on strategic growth initiatives that benefit their clients. 

Enhanced Profitability: With clear insights into margins thanks to accurate data, Yapla can optimize pricing strategies and maximize profitability, ultimately allowing them to redirect resources into supporting the non-profit sector.

Confident Decision-Making: Access to reliable data empowers Yapla to make informed financial decisions with greater confidence, ensuring the sustainability of their business and their ability to serve the non-profit community.

Beyond Yapla's Story: A Case for Streamlined Payments

This case study is more than just Yapla's success story. It's a call to B2B SaaS companies struggling with payment reconciliation and financial clarity. 

Flexibl offers a comprehensive solution that can help decision makers lead confidently, relying on accurate data for financial decisions. 

Don't let manual data consolidation slow you down. Discover how Flexibl can help you achieve greater clarity and regain mastery over your financial operations.

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