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Actionable Metrics

Our dashboard combines your payment and software transaction data to provide key business insights and monetization metrics.


We know that data transparency and data literacy are key to making informed decision, that's why it's in our DNA.

Vertical Specialists

We know payments, we know data and we know SaaS. Trust a company that understands your realities.

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Payment Metrics

Gain a competitive edge in your GTM strategies and product developments with our comprehensive transaction-based insights.

Payment monetization insights

Meaningful comparison views

Expert recommendations

Intelligent pricing

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Financial Planning

Harnessing transaction volumes, merchant performance, and other key factors, we deliver accurate predictions and actionable insights to drive your success.

Historical forecasting

Churn prevention

Increasing ARPU

Forecast visualization


By effectively matching payment and software data, we eliminate redundancies and flag inconsistencies, ensuring precision and accuracy in your financial operations.

Flagged inconsistencies

Reconciliation log

Easy platform connection

Collaboration tools

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We know payment data is ambiguous. We're here to make it clear and give you the insights necessary to propel your growth.

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