Payment intelligence for B2B SaaS companies

Stop spending hours deciphering payment reports. Flexibl aggregates, cleans up and transforms transaction data to facilitate payment operations and banking reconciliation.

All your payment data in one dashboard

Transaction matching between multiple sources

Detailed visibility into payment fees to avoid hidden and excessive costs

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Payment Analytics

It’s hard to know your payment performance if the processor reports are a mess. Centralize all payment data in one dashboard with advanced filtering for detailed insights on processor costs and revenue optimization.

Unify your view of multiple integrated processors in one dashboard

Convert different processing currencies to your primary selection

Choose from multiple data connection options

Data Consolidated

Stop sifting through multiple reports or spending on expensive data management platforms. Easily identify at risk accounts and create clear payment GTM strategies.

Give your CSM’s access to actionable insights

Get access to metrics only possible when combining payment and software data

Download reports that have already been aggregated with the information you need

Transaction Matching

Running manual payment validation takes time and is error prone. Automate the matching of transactions between multiple sources to ensure financial accuracy and prevent reconciliation errors.

Coordinate with your team regarding unreconciled items

Unify reconciliation across your multiple payment providers and business models

Facilitate the understanding of processor payouts and bank settlements

Start making more informed payment decisions

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